Save Our Ocean Giants

Save Our Ocean Giants

June marks the beginning of the migration season for Humpback whales, when they travel from the cold waters of Antarctica to the warmer waters of Australia.

Coffs Central’s Gowings Whale Trust is a charity established to increase people’s knowledge, involvement and understanding of the Humpback whale through public education. You can make a donation or purchase Gowings Whale Trust merchandise directly from the Concierge Desk including caps, t-shirts and tote bags.

Coffs Central has also proudly banned the single use plastic bag and even sells tote bags from $1 at our Concierge Desk to help lower the plastic bag pollution in our waterways. The Concierge Desk also sells merchandise on behalf of Sea Shepherd – including jackets, beanies, caps, t-shirts and stickers. Sea Shepherd is a non-profit, marine conservation organisation that uses direct action tactics to protect marine life.

Did you know Humpback whales only eat during Summer, feeding off their fat reserves during Winter? Whales truly are remarkable creatures worthy of saving and you’ll learn even more about them during June with our daily whale facts found on our facebook page at and in Centre on our various tv screens.

because their future is ours – John Gowing