Red Sparrow Tea Company

Red Sparrow Tea Company


“Terrific Tea”

Red Sparrow Tea Company would like to introduce to you their very own Red Espresso Tea Bar. Serving all teas available for purchase within the store, are caffeine free, organic, rich in antioxidants & minerals.

Bridgette, Owner/operator of Red sparrow has let us in on a little secret surrounding one of her most popular teas. “Rooibos tea is good for you, it has been around for decades but now research indicates there’s more then a little substance to the claim”

“The first evidence of people making tea with Rooibos occurred around 300 years ago. Rooibos is not a true “tea” but a herb. Research over the past decade has proven the therapeutic ability of Rooibos to boost the immune system, assist in relieving allergies and helping to treat digestive disorders.”

Keen to try some of this delicious, health-boosting, brew for your self? Drop into Red Sparrow Tea Company where you’ll find a select range of the finest loose leaf teas including black, green, herbal, fruit blends and tisanes.

Red Sparrow Tea Company

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